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Our Story


Growing up in Georgia, I loved our family's annual December 24 tradition of piling in our car with bellies

full from my mom's traditional ham dinner. My dad would slowly drive through neighborhoods, with dimmed headlights,

as we observed the magic created from streets lined with glowing white bags lighting the way for Santa's sleigh.

With growing awe and excitement, the illuminated pathway represented hope for wishes soon to be filled.


 I launched this annual tradition in 2018 to fulfill my wish to inspire others to end the year by increasing acts of kindness
in our communities from Dec. 1 -24.  With the desire t
hat these efforts will unite each of us together, neighbor-to-neighbor and
community-to-community, along with businesses,
government and local organizations.
That those good deeds will 
continue into the new year, strengthening our communities and creating a kinder place to live. 


Building Together the Pathway Lit by Kindness


To capture these acts of kindness in an inspiring visual, I am asking each person to place illuminated white paper lunch bags,
four-feet apart
 ,near the street and 
across the front of your driveway, home, place of business 
and organization. Each bag should be lit with one flamed tealight candle (brightness) and one electric candle (duration), and weighted with sand. With Light Up bags in place by 6 p.m. on Dec. 24 and remained lit through the night, it would be my hope that those in the community would drive and walk through neighborhoods and join others to observe the visual created by everyone's kind deeds.

Wishes and Candles

My simple wish today is to increase kindness in the world!


The song on YouTube, "Wishes and Candles,"  is accompanied by visuals of kind deeds being performed for

strangers. By the end, the pay it forward efforts come full circle back to the initiator. 

The video's message reminds us how our lives are    interwoven together and the impact kindness

has on those relationships.


The video inspired me to action, to launch 

Light Up Georgia With Kindness!


Light Up Georgia With Kindness is very easy for everyone to get involved including neighborhoods, schools, youth groups, local businesses, organizations and government. Click on the link below to view a county-by-county listing which will be updated as new groups and applicable events are provided.

We are presented daily with spontaneous opportunities to show kindness. We just have to look for them. You can also make a plan to select what, who and when you want to show an extra measure of kindness. Click on the link below for additional ideas. 



Each of us can be a shining light for good within our community. Will you commit to take action and lead the way in your own neighborhood, organization or place of business?  Click on the link below to SIGN UP as the Light Up Leader and begin reaching out to encourage others to get involved.

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