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Become a Light Up Leader

Light Up Leader Sign-Up

Thank you for signing up to be a Light Up Leader for your neighborhood and/or organization, business, city, etc. Please review the list of groups and Light Up Leaders under our Get Involved section first to be sure one isn't already listed for your area of interest.  If you see your group listed, then we encourage you to volunteer your help to your Light Up Leader.


The following form will help us to provide info to others within your group and be able to link them to you for their participation. Unless otherwise noted, this form gives us permission to post your applicable provided information on our site so that others, who fall under your group, can seek information from you as their Light Up Leader. 

Thanks! Message sent.



Suwanee residents and Light Up Leaders Jeff and Marilyn are participating for the third year, making sure their neighbors know all about our cause as they continue to increase support around the tradition. Engaging neighbors Ideas include:

  • Placing Light Up bags with info in mailboxes

  • Putting details in newsletter and making announcements at all neighborhood December activities

  • Holding a socially safe, club house "Light Up Bag" assembly event

  • Making sure common areas have Light Up bags on Dec. 24

  • Placing a placard at your neighborhood entrance as a reminder of the initiative


Become a Light Up Leader in your neighborhood!

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