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Become a Light Up Leader

Light Up Leader Details & Ideas

THANK YOU for signing up to become a Light Up Leader! You are TRULY key to the success of this initiative as you accept the role to more personally connect with and organize those in your area to become involved.


You will be playing an important part in getting the word out and helping to make this annual tradition a success in your area. As people become more charitable starting with the Thanksgiving Holiday and its focus on blessings, we are trying to take those thoughts to a new level of awareness and action by uniting everyone throughout our wonderful state of Georgia in their efforts around kindness, needed more than ever this year.


We have provided some ideas and tools that might help as you get started in your role. Please note that any altering of materials on Dropbox needs prior permission from Light Up Georgia With Kindness. Hopefully you have completely filled out the Light Up Leader sign-up form so that we can use our website as another way to connect people directly to you with the contact information you have provided.


To download Light Up Leader Tools for Light Up Georgia With Kindness, click here.



Invite a neighbor family to attend a local community event with you.

Sample Graphs for Communication Needs



In support of the annual Light Up Georgia With Kindness this December, we are asking our (customers/members/supporters) to join us in Building Together the Pathway Lit by Kindness in (city). The Light Up initiative focuses around individuals being more intentional in doing acts of kindness from Dec. 1-24. To show your participation, we invite you to bring a white paper bag with your family’s name written on it to us by (date) (indicate if you will fill with sand and lights or if they need to). We will place and light these by 6 p.m. on Dec. 24 around (name of org/biz/etc.), as we join with (city) residents to work together to extend the Pathway of Kindness and strengthen our community. We encourage you to do the same in your own neighborhood and other businesses and organizations you are involved with as well. You can visit our site (list) and for more information and ideas. We encourage you to post the links and information on your personal social sites as well to help spread the word to others throughout Georgia. At (location), we have been committed to the (city) community since opening our doors (date) and are excited to support initiatives, such as Light Up Georgia With Kindness, to do our part in continuing to make (city) a great place to live and work!

Neighborhood/Board of Directors


(I am/We are) inviting (my/our) neighbors in the (subdivision) to join with (me/us) this December to support the annual Light Up Georgia With Kindness initiative being held Dec. 1 – 24, to encourage everyone to be more intentional in giving acts of kindness to others. We hope to have 100 percent participation as we do our part for (city) to help create a continuous chain of luminated Light Up bags for Building Together the Pathway Lit by Kindness in our community. You can visit our site (list) and for more information and ideas. We encourage you to post the links and information on your personal social sites as well to help spread the word to others throughout Georgia. We are excited to support this initiative and know it will strengthen our neighborhood relationships at (neighborhood) as we work together to make a difference in (city).

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