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How To Create Your Light Up Bags

What kind deeds will each of your Light Up bags represent this year?


Follow this Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Based on placing Light Up bags every four feet across your driveway, property and/or place of business, school, church, etc., determine how many white paper lunch-sized bags to purchase. Depending where you purchase and how many, you can get bags as cheap as .04 each. Make sure your bags are at least 9x5x3. For each bag, put one flamed lit tealight candle (for brightness) and one small electric candle (duration) and sand or small white pebbles for weight. 


Light Up Idea:  Recycle your bags, sand and lights by packing them in a shoe-sized plastic container and store with holiday decorations as a reminder of participation and for use the following year.

Step 2

Fill a plastic ziplock sandwich bag 1/2 way with sand or small pebbles. This will help to keep it contained. Place filled plastic bag flat on the bottom of your opened white paper lunch bag. Place one flamed lit tealight candle and one small electric candle inside, on top of the plastic bag.

Light Up Idea:  Host a Light Up With Kindness evening  Zoom call and invite neighbors and friends to make bags.  In a COVID -free future, add the activity to an already scheduled December event such as a cookie exchange, school concert or class party.

Step 3

On Dec. 24 by 6 p.m., place Light Up bags with lit candles near the street, four-feet apart, across your property and driveway, business, church, organization, city common areas. Be sure to connect bags to the next house, business, etc. Help place Light Up bags for neighbors who may be out of town. Keep bags lit through the morning.


Light Up Idea: Start a new tradition by strolling or driving through your community to see the Building Together the Pathway Lit by Kindness. Consider serving wassail or hot chocolate to neighbors to add one more layer of kindness to cap off the special evening, keeping socially safe.

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